We’re hiring again!

Software Developer


Hi, future Promoty software developer!

We are building an all-in-one solution for advertisers who want to use the power of social influence. To achieve that, we rely heavily on data mining and social media intelligence.

We know it might seem like we’re all about pretty Instagram pictures and #feelingblessed but what runs under the hood of our operation is a whole different story.

Since you’re a developer, let’s cut the fluffy bullshit, keep it short and get down to the thing you care about – building cool technology!


What are we building?

We are building an adaptive database of market interests based on social media interactions. It will power all the upcoming tools we will build on top of that.

With the current product, we’ve engaged over 14 000 users and 450 brands within a year in Estonia only.  This year, we raised a seed funding and are planning to start expanding to foreign markets.


Should you be interested?

Do you speak fluent Python/Django and can navigate Linux based systems?
Does massive Data Mining and Processing tickle your spine?
Are you interested to learn more about Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Graphs?

If yes, you definitely should be interested.
Bonus: You have experience with Android apps.


What are we offering?

x  One hell of a ride (we’re growing and right at the brink of starting a massive blitzscaling operation)
x  A salary, of course, with an options package
x  A young, ambitious, international team
x  A lot of beautiful people (read: influencers) and a green light to use social media at work
x  Flexible hours (read: startup hours)
x  Office space
x Hardware if needed


How to apply?

It’s simple:

Send your LinkedIn link with a short explanation why you want to work with us to info@promoty.eu.

Application due date 14th of July 2019.